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What to pack for a kid’s sleepover

What to pack for a sleepover

Your child’s first independent sleepover can feel like a rite of passage. You will both most likely feel a mixture of nerves and excitement, so packing their overnight bag together, with a selection of important items and home comforts is an important part of the process that you can enjoy together. There is a little pressure to ensure that all the important items are packed, so we have put together this handy checklist that should help a sleepover go smoothly.

What to pack for a sleepover

Find a holdall, backpack or small pull-along case that your child can easily manage themselves so they can feel independent and confident striding into their friend’s home for the night. Boys and girls can be quite different in this regard. Boys can race off and forget everything you packed together, so don’t be surprised if they bring home their pack in one untouched neat bundle! The important part of the process is that they know they have taken a slice of home away with them.

A sleeping bag/pillow

The host might not need you to pack bedding, but your child might like to snuggle down with the smell of home, so if not a pillow, ask if they might like to take a pillowcase they can pop onto the guest pillow.

A change of clothes

Almost certainly children will get mucky playing indoors and out with their friends. A few clean items will ensure your little one is able to be carefree with their play and will have fresh items to wear the next day. Snuggly hoodies or a dressing gown can also add a touch of home comfort to their evening.

Suitable footwear

Many houses now have a shoes-off policy (also see next point) so wearing outdoor shoes indoors isn’t such a cause for concern. But, if your little one is planning outdoor adventures you might want to pack them off with some wellies that are easy to slip on and off when rushing indoors and out again. If there will be lots of children at the sleepover, you might also want to ensure that your child’s footwear is labelled.

Spare underwear/socks

During the summer months little ones might be happy to run around the home barefoot, but as night draws in will likely want the comfort of a pair of socks. Spare underwear is always a good idea for excited young ones who might have an accident and want the privacy of changing themselves. It is also an idea to pop a small plastic bag into the overnight bag for any used underwear.


It goes without saying your little one will want their pyjamas, but sometimes the most obvious items can get left behind, so it’s on our list as a reminder!

Favourite blankets or toys

We’re sure your little one will not forget to pack their favourite snuggle item, but again these can get forgotten and every parent knows how hard it is to comfort a child that has left their favourite toy at home! You might also suggest they take a favourite book to share with their friend at bedtime.

Toothbrush and toothpaste

One of the most frequently forgotten items and surely should be top of the list of items that hosts of sleepovers should have in supply?


A more contemporary item on the list, but of critical importance if your little one is going to spend some of their evening playing online with their friends.

Chargers for Devices

Panic can set in if a charger for the above devise isn’t accessible.


All kids will have a favourite snack and all kids will want to attempt a midnight feast. Packing their own snack to share with their friend will help them feel close to home and pleased to be contributing.

Do you have other must have items for a sleepover that we have missed off the list?