your children's feet are in our hands. So it makes sense that you want them to be expert hands.

We've been conducting pioneering new research into how children move. Through this new research we have been re-engineering our shoes so that they work seamlessly with the foot and the rest of the body as children grow.

You'll find elements of our biomechanics research across our range - from softer leathers to more flexible soles. We do this so that Start-Rite shoes are still the best choice for your child.

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  • KIDS 4+


Feet are mainly soft tissue and cartilage; they are very soft and pliable. At this point they are not designed to take any pressure from standing, and pressure from shoes or even tight socks may deform the foot during development.

Therefore, we design baby shoes with supple materials that offer gentle protection and maximum flexibility for little feet that discover crawling during early exploration.

X-ray image of pre-walker foot

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First Steps

Bones are going through ossification, but ligaments still haven't fully formed, so feet are still soft and vulnerable. Walking will occur when your child is ready and is determined by when the feet, legs and spine are all strong enough to start bearing weight. This is instinctive for each child and occurs at different times.

Our First Shoes support little feet that are learning and promise instant comfort, streamlined protection and perfectly positioned flexibility for all day freedom.

X-ray image of First Walking foot

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Softer tissues are starting to become stronger and better prepared for weight bearing as they are replaced by ligaments, and bones continue to develop in preparation for more adult-like walking and running.

To support this, our pre-school shoes promise targeted protection for increasing intrepid adventures, combined with niggle-free comfort and flexibility.

X-ray image of Pre-Schoolers foot

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Kids 4+

All ligaments are starting to form and bones are becoming stronger. Trunk, leg and foot muscles are learning to work synchronously together, although they aren't fully developed until mid-late teens.

Our primary and senior shoes help support increased activity and promise all day, all year feel good styling to suit every taste, with comfort from first to last bell and performance when it matters.

X-ray of 4+ year old's foot

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