Choose a measuring gauge


Sit your child on an adult’s knee or in their high chair and ensure they are wearing socks that fit well. To measure the length, guide the child's foot into the gauge ensuring the heel is against the heel rest.
Ensure the knee and ankle are at right angles, so the gauge is parallel to the floor.
Hold the heel firmly at the back of the gauge with one hand, and ensure the child’s toes are laying flat.
Push the length slider forward so that it rests lightly against the longest toe.
Take a note of the size shown by the line in the left circle. This is the child’s UK shoe size.
The right circle shows the European shoe size.
To measure the width of the foot, firstly check the foot is still in the correct position.
The width tape will automatically be in the correct position around the foot, simply pull the tape gently until it's resting on the foot.
Lift the tape until it's parallel to the floor, then taking care not to twist the gauge make a note of the letter the blue arrow is pointing to. This is the width fitting.
Repeat steps 1 to 5 and measure the other foot.
It's not uncommon for one foot to be slightly bigger that the other. Your child's shoe size will be the size of the longest foot and the width of the widest foot.
The shoe size will be between a small 'S' 2 and a small 'S' 8½.


Place the blue measuring gauge onto a hard floor surface.
To measure the length, get your child to place their foot into the gauge. They should be standing straight and their heel should be against the back rest.
Hold the heel firmly in the back rest and ensure the toes stay flat. Check the socks are not preventing the toes from laying flat. Push the length slider forward so that it rests lightly on the longest toe. Holding the length slider in place, remove the foot and make a note of the measurement indicated in front of the slider. Repeat for the other foot. To measure the width, first run your finger down both sides of the foot. You should be able to feel the toe joints - these are the bumps or either side of the foot just below the big and little toes. Now position the tape so that it's around the widest part of the foot. This is the part of the foot from the big toe joint to the little toe joint. You are likely to have the tape at an angle, this is correct. Pull the tape gently, so that it's snug around the foot, but not tight, and then take the measurement where the tape meets the blue line marked on the tape, and make a note of this. Repeat for the other foot. Take the length measurement of the longest foot and the width measurement of the widest foot and enter them into the size calculator to find out your start-rite shoe size.