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Size 10 school shoes

Start-Rite’s size 10 kids school shoes are designed to offer a combination of modern contemporary styling and long-lasting protection and comfort.

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Size 10 school shoes

Made from premium materials, our school shoe size 10 will see you through the school year with no problems. Perfectly fitted for all-day confidence and comfort, your child will be free to focus on learning.

Our size 10 school shoes for children are available in a variety of different width fitting, from narrow through to extra wide. Our narrow fit school shoe is manufactured for those with slimmer feet while our wide and extra-wide fits are created for broad kids feet.

Boys Size 10 School Shoes

Discover size 10 boys school shoes in a range of different styles for every occasion and personality at Start-Rite.

Searching for a formal classroom shoe? The Academy is a smart lace-up with easy fastening, a flexible sole to accommodate growing feet and padded ankles. Need an all-rounder boys’ school shoe? Strike is hardwearing, offering 360-degree support and cushioning. Made with premium, soft black leather, they’re guaranteed to provide comfort throughout the long school day. Lace-free the name of the game? Tyler is a modern, classic slip-on with elastic gussets and padded ankles.

Discover these and so many more size 10 boys school shoes at Start-Rite.

Girls Size 10 School Shoes

We believe school shoes should fit well and be comfy all day long. That’s why we offer whole and half sizes as well as up to four width fittings. Our girls’ size 10 school shoes are therefore available in narrow, standard, wide and extra wide fits.

Made from high quality, durable materials, our size 10 girls school shoes are built to last the school year (or until the outgrown them!)

Black Size 10 School Shoes

At Start-Rite, we have a wide range of black school shoes in size 10.

Our black school shoes for kids have been tested to offer the best in protection and grip so explorations don’t end in tears! They have just the right amount of hold for natural, easy movement.

Size 10.5 School Shoes

Our school shoes in size 10.5 are perfectly fitted to provide kids with complete support and keep their feet healthy.

Choose from blue, black and brown school shoes in size 10.5 a Start-Rite. You’ll find a variety of different styles for both girls and boys to suit every occasion and personality.

At this stage of your child’s development, they’ll be growing up fast and getting out and about more now. While activity is increasing, feet are still forming so it’s important their shoes fit perfectly.