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Size 11 school shoes

Start-Rite is dedicated to helping kids explore, learn and grow. Each and every day is an opportunity to be seized – to slide, skip and skid into the unknown and learn new things along the way. Our size 11 school shoes give kids the chance to do just this.

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Size 11 school shoes

All of our children’s size 11 school shoes are tested against industry standard guidelines that evaluate their hardness, density, durability, grip, tear strength and more.

Boys Size 11 School Shoes

Whether it’s your boys first day at school, or the first day of a new term you’ll want to get him size 11 school shoes that will last.

When you have young boys, it can feel like you’re buying a new pair of school shoes every week! Growing feet demand space, comfort and support, and our size 11 boys school shoes provide just that. We’ve designed a number of school shoes to provide all-day comfort. For example, our ultra-flexible soles have been biomechanically engineered to fit senior school-age feet perfectly and allow easy movement and our junior styles come with scuff protection and easy riptape fastenings.

All of our size 11 school shoes for boys are tested against eight industry-standard guidelines including abrasion resistance, flex durability, hardness, compound density, tear strength, elongation strength, rigidity and grip. They’re rigorously tested and evaluated by SATRA, a global leading authority in footwear testing, so you know you’re in good hands!

Girls Size 11 School Shoes

At Start-Rite, our aim is to make sure every single child has well-fitting, comfortable, and durable school shoes – no matter what size or shape feet they have. That’s why we’re committed to providing girls school shoes in a wide range of sizes and fittings – including size 11.

Designed with comfort, protection and stability in mind, our size 11 girls school shoes offer a range of features to protect your child’s feet. For example, lightweight, flexible soles, impact cushioning and anti-compression insoles work to absorb impact and facilitate flexibility.

Black Size 11 School Shoes

School children are on their feet a lot of the day, so it’s important to choose shoes that offer niggle-free, all-day comfort. Kids shouldn’t have to compromise on comfort – that’s why we offer a range of well-fitting black school shoes in size 11. Engineered to support feet from first bell 'til home-time, well-placed cushioning and minimal seams ensure all day comfort.

Size 11.5 School Shoes

Our school shoes size 11.5 are perfectly designed to ensure you child can hop, jump and skip into every adventure with ease and comfort.

Kids will love our range of on-trend colours and styles, looking forward to getting their shoes on every day! They can choose from sporty kicks, T-bars, easy riptape fastening, leather lace-ups and more.