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Vegan friendly—Start-Rite quality

At Start-Rite, we make shoes – that’s all we do. So, why wouldn’t we have a vegan collection? We have developed our vegan friendly shoes to offer you an alternative choice and take an important step on our sustainability journey.

Our vegan collection offers the same high standards you’d expect from a Start-Rite design but are made with no animal products. So, whether you’re a vegan or simply want to explore leather alternatives, our collection is built for durability and designed to provide maximum comfort and support for growing feet.

Vegan shoe collection

Why vegan?

As veganism continues to grow as a lifestyle choice, we’ve recognised that there is a need for us to support you and offer more non-leather products. So, what makes this collection vegan? There are no animal derivatives in the product and the production line has been set up to accommodate the collection. Look out for the green heart on our website to shop our vegan shoes!

Vegan school shoes

Is it just plastic?

Our vegan material isn’t just a synthetic, it’s a technical material developed to mimic the characteristics of natural cowhide. Passing rigorous tests in our laboratory and on children’s feet, this clever material is soft, lightweight and breathable - it’s also highly durable and water resistant to boot! So, you can be confident that our shoes will keep little feet happy all day.

Vegan canvas

What else is vegan?

Our canvas collection has also expanded to include vegan friendly styles. Small steps lead to big changes, and we’re excited to offer canvas styles made using adhesives with no animal content. We’re always working hard to offer our customers the rite choice for little feet, so watch this space! We’ll be adding new styles to the collection soon, so keep checking back to find their new favourite style.