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At Start-Rite we exist for the care of children's feet, because healthy feet support healthy bodies. We've been making shoes since 1792, and we’ve noticed a lot of changes to our planet along the way.

We are not perfect, but we are committed to putting our Rite Foot Forward to make better decisions for the planet we live on, to help protect it for future generations.

Illustration of children around a globe

A rapidly changing planet

The planet is warming up at an unprecedented rate due to carbon emissions from human activity and long-standing inequalities in the way people live and work are being addressed in the mainstream for the first time.

Businesses all over the world are rethinking the way things are done and as a company with over 200 years of heritage, the way we do business has changed dramatically since 1792.

We understand we need to keep evolving to meet the changing needs of our planet and everyone on it and we're passionate to do this in the most sustainable way possible.

Illustration of a family - two parents and one child

A vision for the future

We're constantly learning, researching and thinking of ways we can look to reduce our environmental impact. We're educating our colleagues, suppliers and partners on our journey to become a more sustainable, dynamic, resilient, and accountable brand – a Start-Rite that’s fit for the future. This journey is guided by our Start-Rite values - they inform our thinking, encompass our ethos, and drive our behaviours.

Pathways forward

We’ve defined 4 ‘pathways’ that are essential to the journey, with each pathway inspired by a challenge that we face to secure the world we want, for ourselves and future generations.

Every pathway is made of small steps, because building a future-fit world is a task that will continue forever. We’ll carry on adding steps to each pathway as the journey continues and the world around us changes - so watch this space!

Illustration of a road with children at different lifestages