We strongly believe a future-fit world is one where everybody is able to live and work in a safe and healthy environment and be treated fairly and with respect.

Illustration of a family - two parents and one child

While statutory standards are essential, we think that health and safety go beyond these; to us it also means being able to work in comfort, being heard and supported, and feeling valued, whether that happens in our head office, distribution centre or factories.

As a business built by, and for, family, we see the importance of actively fostering the personal happiness and wellbeing of our workers, offering flexibility and support when it’s needed, and promoting the scientific benefits of a healthy lifestyle, where individuals are free to make the choices that are right for them..

We know that fairness and equality are the cornerstones of successful workforces, and we’ll work to identify and remedy areas where we can improve on the conditions of workers connected with Start-Rite across the globe.

Steps to help us get there:

1. Continue to work only with factories who comply with industry ethical labour guidelines.
2. Encourage and enable physical and mental wellbeing to our workplaces.
3. Get involved with our local communities - at home and where our shoes are made.