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We need you to make the journey with us.

Without the support and passion of our employees and everyone who contributes to our business, from factories who make our shoes to companies that supply our energy, this journey will not work.

To achieve this we believe in a truly transparent approach, with genuine engagement. We will communicate regularly and clearly, so everyone knows the progress we are making and can contribute to its success – coming up with new ideas and initiatives.

Each step in our journey needs to be clear, defined, and measurable.
Our process will:
– ensure we identify where that step falls on the pathway,
– what we need to undertake,
– how we’ll see it through,
– who can support us,
– how we’ll know when it’s done
– and how we’ll measure success.

Steps to help us get there:

1. Survey employees to understand their concerns and priorities.
2. Communicate the journeys’ pathways and steps to stakeholders.