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At Start-Rite we make shoes for children and teenagers. That’s all we do. Every pair is designed by experts, built for quality and fitted for maximum comfort and support.
We’ve been doing what we do from our home in Norwich for 230 years and we’re proud to be Britain’s oldest shoemaker, caring for children’s feet – and bodies – since 1792.

Four Start-Rite lasts showing the different foot widths

Pioneers at heart.

In 1943 we carried out the first ever nationwide survey of children’s feet, bringing together experts not just in shoemaking, but in medicine and education. Our findings transformed the way children’s shoes are designed and fitted.

We believe small things can make a big difference when it comes to enabling children to move with comfort and confidence, and we took the decision to create our shoes in multi-width fittings and in half as well as whole sizes.

A person running on a treadmill

Science behind the shoes.

We’ve been around for more than two centuries but we’re still shaping the future of children’s footwear.

As proud experts in children’s foot health we’re committed to quality of care and supporting children’s healthy foot development remains a core part of our product development. Our clever team uses cutting edge technology to promote a seamless relationship between the feet and the body, to support children as they grow.

A vintage Start-Rite advertisement showing the iconic twins

The twins.

Our twin adventurers have been at the heart of the Start-Rite brand for over 70 years. The two adventurers represent the journey of a child’s development – with Start-Rite here to support them every step of the way.

The twins are the ultimate visualisation of our pioneering spirit. As we evolve they have been refreshed and reenergised – ready to set off on their next generation of adventures.

Three children stood laughing

Fit for a queen (or a king!)

In 1955 we received the Royal Warrant for children’s shoes. Since then we’re proud to have fitted over 1500 pairs of shoe for young royals.

We don’t just rely on our heritage: we depend on the latest science and innovation so today’s parents can depend on us. We are there for the journey from start to finish in children’s shoes, from the moment they need their first pair, until they stride to school on their own.

From our family of designers and technicians here in Norwich, tirelessly testing and innovating – to our partnerships with retailers all over Britain, expertly measuring and fitting – our people are the eyes, ears and hands behind what makes our business special.

Start-Rite is a business built by, and for, families.