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Children's shoes

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Children's shoes

From pre-walkers and first walking shoes through to school shoes, boots and sandals, our versatile range of children’s shoes helps kids to explore and discover.

Ready for the everyday pioneers, our childrens’ shoes are crafted for comfort and durability with supple yet durable leathers and nubucks, for long-lasting comfort and wear. Whether you require shoes for everyday or occasional wear, our go-anywhere styling adds interest to any ensemble.

Designed around the way children move today; focused on providing a child-specific precision fit, targeted flexibility, intelligent protection and niggle-free comfort.

Our pre-walkers styles are designed to fit snuggly to babies’ fragile feet, offering gentle protection and maximum flexibility – with enough grip to aid stability during early explorations.

For babies’ taking their first steps, streamlined flexibility on all our first walking children’s shoes supports natural movement. Toe and heel bumpers plus intelligently designed fastenings make life easy for parents to secure wriggly toes as well as easy removal. Our pre-school and primary age children’s shoes have plenty of calculated growing room as well as scuff-resistant features to keep shoes looking fresher for longer.

With two centuries of expertise under our belt, you can be assured that we understand childrens’ feet and constantly seek out the latest technologies and most up-to-date fabrics and materials to ensure long lasting wear and unrivalled performance.

As every child’s foot is unique, many styles are available in multi-width, whole and half size fittings to ensure a precision fit.