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Vegan shoes

We have developed our vegan friendly shoes to offer you an alternative choice and take an important step on our sustainability journey.

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Vegan shoes

Vegan kids shoes

Whether your family is vegan or you're just wanting to explore alternative solutions to animal leather, our collection is built for durability and designed to provide maximum comfort and support for growing feet. There are no animal derivatives in any of our vegan shoes and their production lines have also been set up to accommodate the collection.

Many people wonder if the vegan material is just plastic - our vegan material isn’t just a synthetic, it’s a technical material developed to mimic the characteristics of natural cowhide. It has to pass the same rigorous tests in our laboratory and on children’s feet. This clever material is also soft, lightweight and breathable - not only that it’s highly durable and water resistant to boot! So, you can be confident that our kids vegan school shoes will keep little feet happy all day.

We've also started to introduce canvas styles into our vegan range ensuring that none of the bonding agents or glues contain any animal products meaning your children can continue wearing vegan styles after school and at the weekend.