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Size 1 school shoes

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Size 1 school shoes

At Start-Rite, we’ve been making size 1 school shoes for growing feet for over 228 years. With centuries of experience, we’re experts in designing children’s size 1 school shoes that withstand the test of time, support growing feet, and fit perfectly.

Created with durable materials designed to withstand the wear and tear of the school day. Biomechanically engineered anti-slip soles provide just the right amount of grip for natural safe movement, while light flexible soles, impact cushioning and anti-compression offer the ultimate school shoe support.

Our kids size 1 school shoe range features high shine slip-on penny loafers, easy and simple riptape T-bars, dainty lace-up brogues and everything in between.

All of our children’s school shoes in size 1 are rigorously tested against eight industry-standard guidelines. These tests include abrasion resistance, compound density, flex durability, tear strength, elongation strength, hardness, rigidity and grip. All size 1 school shoes are tested and evaluated by SATRA, a global leading authority in footwear testing.

Discover size 1 school shoes in a variety of styles for girls and boys. From the formal to the casual, the lace-up to the riptape, there’s a pair for every occasion and lifestyle.

Boys Size 1 School Shoes

We offer a range of boys school shoes in size 1 to suit every occasion and personality. They offer the ultimate in comfort, all day, every day.

Looking for classic cut size 1 boys school shoes for everyday use? Our Classics range offers strong and comfortable lace-ups, slip-ons, and rip-tape fasteners. Searching for a sportier option? Find sturdy, hard-wearing options with reflective flashes and more in our boys size 1 school range. For the super active boys, our Pioneers range offers the toughest of the tough with toe bumpers, 360-degree protection, durable rubber soles and super strong nylon-bonded thread.

Our size one boys school shoe has been tested to offer the best in protection and grip so your boy can explore safely with just the right amount of hold for natural, easy movement. We’ve also used durable material, so shoes are hardwearing and look good for longer.

Little, developing feet require extra care and support, which is why our boys size 1 school shoes have lightweight, flexible soles, impact cushioning and anti-compression, so no matter how much running around they do, they’re always supported.

Whatever the school day brings, feel confident knowing Start-Rite shoes will get your child through it in comfort and style.

Girls Size 1 School Shoes

Long school days mean growing feet are moving constantly. Our size 1 school shoes for girls ensure your little one can explore and learn with total comfort and ease. With their feet taken care of, they’re free to focus on what’s important.

Our size 1 girls school shoes come in a wide range of different styles to suit every personality. Whether your girl is after a stylish and trendy black school shoe that’s still practical, or a tough, easy-access option for sports and more, we have something suitable in store.

Choose from casual kicks, pretty embellished Mary Janes, shiny T-bars with punch detailing, simple lace-up brogues, elegant ballet pumps, and many other popular styles.

Made from premium materials, our school shoes will see you through the school year with no problems. Perfectly fitted for all-day comfort and confidence, your child will be free to focus on having fun and learning.

Black Size 1 School Shoes

At Start-Rite, we think children should be free to explore and move in comfort, without the distraction of painful feet.

Whatever exciting activity they get up to, our size 1 school shoes are cleverly designed to be gentle on developing feet. From including lightweight, flexible soles to padded ankles and anti-compression, cushioned insoles, we do everything possible to ensure total comfort and confidence.

Our size 1 black school shoes are available in a diverse range of styles for both boys and girls. No matter what you’re looking for, we have an option.

Our girl’s school shoe range features high shine slip-on penny loafers, easy and simple riptape T-bars, dainty lace-up brogues and more. Boys can choose from sporty trainers, scuff-resistant lace-ups, more formal school shoes, elegant lace-ups, modern, comfy slip-ons among others.

Size 1.5 School Shoes

Our size 1.5 girls and boys school shoes are built to last. Whatever their style little feet will be comfy, protected in shoes designed to be outgrown, not outworn.

Our boys and girls school shoes in size 1.5 are available in a range of styles and designs. From scuff resistant toe bumpers, to quick and easy fasteners to fun and pretty embellishments girls will be spoilt for choice.

Boys can choose from formal or sporty styles, all with hidden comfort features such as padded ankles, cushioned insoles, and breathable linings. From smart lace ups and brogue detailing through to 360-degree protection and football themed socks, there’s a pair for every boy – whatever his style.

Not sure if your child is a size 1? Not a problem, measuring your child's feet at home to determine their size is easy with our simple to use at home measuring tools. Plus, our handy sizing and fitting guide is perfect for converting sizes.