Size 12 school shoes

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Size 12 school shoes

Our school shoes are designed to be supportive and comfortable as well as tough and hardwearing meaning that you don’t need to compromise when it comes to buying your child’s size 12 school shoes.

Decades of research and design is poured into every pair from the highest quality leathers, to scuff bumpers that have been tested over and over again to understanding the biomechanical and physical important of feet.

Whether your child is looking for something smart and stylish, or cool and casual – we have a style to suit!

Our size 12 school shoes can be found in smart brogues, classic loafers, sporty trainer-inspired looks and many more. Plus, in addition to regulatory black, we have a few styles available in navy blue and brown too.

If you’re not sure your child is a size 12, we have a number of easy and simple tools to use in the comfort of your own home for measuring kid’s feet.

Boys Size 12 School Shoes

Start-Rite boys school shoes in size 12 are up to the challenge – whether playing football at lunchtime or looking trendy and cool in the classroom – we have something to suit everyone.

From our smart and fashionable Brogue school shoe in black leather with sophisticated brogue punch detailing and on-trend yet functional laces to our tough and rugged Extreme Pri school shoe, which with its durable leather and scuff protection, is our toughest boys school shoes yet!

We put all our boys size 12 school shoes through their paces before they make it to production to ensure they really are ready for anything. From testing abrasion resistance, flex durability, tear strength, rigidity, grip testing and more our school shoes not only pass these tests; they exceed them.

Girls Size 12 School Shoes

As children are in their school shoes for the majority of the day we know they need to cover a lot of bases. Not only do they need to be suitable for school in colour and design, they need to last the term and all the activities girls put them through and, of course, be comfortable too!

Thankfully our size 12 girls school shoes do all this and more. Available in black leather, or shiny black patent, schoolgirls will be comfy all day long in our school shoes with our flexible soles, anti-compression insoles and impact cushioning and padded ankle support.

They’ll be spoilt for choice too as we have a wide range of styles and designs in our girls size 12 school shoes. From lace-up brogues to classic Mary Janes to delicate slip-ons and embellished T-bars. And with different width fittings available they’ll not just look perfect, but will fit perfectly too.

If you’re unsure on how to know if they fit correctly – don’t worry. Our check the fit step-by-step guide and video will put your mind to ease and instil confidence.

Black Size 12 School Shoes

School days are a world of adventure, so whether it’s playground antics or classroom conundrums, our black size 12 school shoes give little feet the comfort and confidence to make the most of every minute. And with all that running about, our shoes have breathable linings and insoles to ensure energetic feet stay dry, fresh and healthy.

With cushioning where it counts and minimal seams that never rub our black size 12 school shoes ensure children get the very best out of their day at school – without a sore foot in sight.

We also offer a variety of different styles to ensure we have a shoe to suit everyone. From practical and sporty to classic and stylish, your child will be spoilt for choice.

Not only that but we know how unique each and every child is, which is why we manufacture our boys school shoes in whole and half sizes as well as multiple width fittings. From narrow (E Fit) to wide (G fit) and even extra wide (H fit).

Size 12.5 School Shoes

Our school shoes in size 12.5 are designed to work seamlessly with your child’s foot and the rest of their body as they grow and develop. Biomechanics are used to provide support and comfort through features such as lightweight and flexible soles, padded ankles and more.

Available in several styles and colours, whatever your child’s personality and favourite activities are, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect shoes. We offer multiple boys and girls styles from tough sports-inspired shoes, to pretty embellished T-bars.

All of our size 12.5 school shoes are made from durable materials and are available in four width fittings from E to H, to ensure the best possible fit. To ensure your child has the correct fitting shoes we recommend measuring their feet every 4-6 months.

Not confident your child is a size 12? Not too worry, measuring your child's feet at home to determine their size is easy with our simple to use at home measuring tools. Plus, our handy sizing and fitting guide is perfect for converting sizes.