Size 2 school shoes

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Size 2 school shoes

Size 2 School Shoes

At Start-Rite, we believe that every school day is an opportunity for little ones to learn, explore and discover, and sore feet and ill-fitting shoes shouldn’t stand in their way! That’s why our school shoes in size 2 are supportive, comfortable and well-fitting. Well-designed and made from quality materials, they provide all-day stability, protection and comfort.

We know that many children demand style, as well as comfort, which is why we offer a range of styles in size 2 school shoes. Find the perfect option to suit every personality, as well as every occasion.

Choose from formal brogues, classic loafers, sporty riptape fasteners, sturdy slip-ons, beautiful ballerina pumps, embellished Mary Janes, and everything in between. Options are available in black, brown and navy blue. .

Our size 2 school shoes are also available in four different width fittings – narrow (E), standard (F), wide (G) and extra-wide (H). .

To help you find out your child’s correct size, we have a choice of tools for measuring feet at home. Depending on the age of your child and what works best for you, easily measure your child’s foot size with a measuring gauge or a paper measure. .

Girls Size 2 School Shoes

Start-Rite’s size 2 girls school shoes are available in a number of styles. From a chunky brogue to a pretty embellished Mary Jane we offer a varied range to adapt to every girl’s need.

We ensure you child can explore and learn with total comfort and ease in our school shoes. With their feet taken care of, they’re free to focus on self-improvement and learning. Our girls school shoes in size 2 have lightweight, flexible soles, impact cushioning and anti-compression insoles. They are designed to limit the impact whilst being gentle on developing feet. .

All our size 2 girls school shoes are made from high quality, durable materials that allow long-lasting comfort. With our range, you can match their daily footwear to their personality as well as physical requirements. Smart protection caters to the diverse ways children get around. .

We believe our girls should enjoy their school shoes and benefit from a perfect fit. For that reason, Start-Rite offers whole and half sizes as well as up to four width fittings. Girls size 2 school shoes are therefore available in narrow, wide and extra wide.

If you are struggling to pick the best possible fit for your girls size 2 school shoes visit the measure section of the Start-Rite website. We have a variety of helpful resources to find their best possible school shoe fit including a “how to check the fit” section.

Boys Size 2 School Shoes

Start-Rite boys school shoes in size 2 are our most durable and comfortable yet! Developed using biomechanics research, each shoe is tried and tested by over 1,000 kids over the course of three months to make sure it fits perfectly and wears well.

Our boys school shoes in size 2 are designed to offer the very best in protection and stability. For example, extra protection is perfectly placed and shaped to minimise scuffs without adding bulk, seams are strategically positioned to avoid rubbing, soles are tested for grip on different surfaces, and all our fastening are tested to withstand constant use.

Soft leathers, flexible soles, comfortable insoles and more mean your child is guaranteed complete comfort and confidence from the first bell to last.

Our boys school shoes size 2 help to support increased activity and promise all day comfort, offering unmatched resilience, grip and protection. They’re also available in a number of different styles. Choose from the smart lace-up Tailor with easy fastening and padded ankles; the hardwearing cushioned Rhino Warrior; the sporty, riptape fastened Bolt; and so many other options.

Our size 2 school shoes are available in a variety of different width fitting, from narrow through to extra wide.

Happy feet equal happy kids.

Black Size 2 School Shoes

Our size 2 black school shoes are carefully designed and fitted to offer the perfect fit. Designed to meet the specific growing stages of a child’s foot, the fit is regularly checked and perfected on our team of over 1,000 local school children. Following this, every new shoe is trialled in real life for over three months by our real-life kids, so you know by the time they get to you, they’re perfect.

We offer a variety of different styles of black school shoes in size 2 for both girls and boys. From the sporty and practical, to the classic and formal, your little one will be spoilt for choice.

Does your little boy need a durable pair of sport kicks for school? Strike is hardwearing shoe with double riptape fastening which will support any activity, both on and off the pitch. Scuff-resistant bumpers and durable, lightweight rubber soles ensure long-lasting protection, while breathable mesh linings keep active feet fresh. Looking for a more informal lace-up for everyday use? Isaac is a versatile school shoe that has contemporary styling with chunky laces and metal eyelets. Feet stay fresh in breathable linings whilst removable insoles make these shoes easy to care for.

These are just a couple of options of black school shoes in size 2 for boys.

Your little girl will be comfortable in all of our styles including the Hopscotch, a fashionable embellished black patent Mary Jane style pump with cushioned footbeds and targeted flexibility; the Matilda, a feminine brogue crafted in soft leather from our Angry Angels range with padded ankles and lace up fastening; and many others.

All of our size 2 black school shoes are available in a number of different width fittings, from narrow through to extra wide, to ensure the perfect fit.

Size 2.5 School Shoes

Our girls and boys school shoes in size 2.5 have been expertly designed to offer long-lasting protection and non-stop comfort for little feet. Padded ankles, soft and supple leather uppers that mould the shoe to the shape of the foot, and flexible, lightweight soles all ensure your child’s feet are protected and comfortable throughout the lengthy school day.

Our size 2.5 school shoes are available in an extensive range of styles for both boys and girls. Girls can choose from both the pretty and the practical, with high shine slip-on penny loafers, easy and simple riptape T-bars, dainty lace-up brogues and everything in between. Discover pumps, lace-ups, slip-ons and more in both patent and leather.

Boys can choose from formal, black leather lace-ups, easy riptape fasteners with strengthened toes and heels, comfortable slip-ons, and more.

Our school shoes in size 2.5 offer the perfect fit and come in a variety of width-fittings with growing room built in.

Not sure if your child is a size 2? Not too worry, measuring your child's feet at home to check their shoe size is easy with our simple at-home measuring tools. Plus, our handy sizing and fitting guide is perfect for converting sizes.