Size 8 school shoes

We offer a range of school shoes in size 8 to suit every school child.

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Size 8 school shoes

Boys Size 8 School Shoes

Looking for modern size 8 boys school shoes for everyday use? No matter what style you choose, you can expect long-lasting comfort and protection. All of our size 8 shoes are thoroughly tested to offer the best in protection and grip so your boy can go about the school day with just the right amount of hold for natural, easy movement. We’ve also used durable material, so shoes are hardwearing and look good for longer.

Girls Size 8 School Shoes

Carefully engineered by our team of experts, our school shoes provide the utmost support through their lightweight, flexible soles, impact cushioning and anti-compression insoles. Designed to limit the impact of a busy day’s activities on feet, they’re both comfortable and supportive.

However, comfort doesn’t come at the expense of style at Start-Rite. Our size 8 girls school shoes are available in a number of fashionable styles.

Black Size 8 School Shoes

Take your pick of our elegant and formal classics range or our relaxed and casual styles. Whether you’re after a formal black brogue, a classic loafer, or a sporty riptape fastener, you’ll be spoilt for choice with our size 8 black school shoes.

Made from durable material and rigorously tested, all our school shoes will see your child throughout the school year. Breathable linings and insoles ensure active feet stay dry, fresh and healthy. We’ve also used durable material, so shoes are hardwearing and look good for longer.

Size 8.5 School Shoes

Here at Start-Rite, we’ve been making children's shoes since 1792 - that’s over 230 years of experience and craft. Over this time, we’ve researched, developed, tried and tested our size 8.5 school shoes on thousands of children to ensure the most precise fit.

All our size 8.5 school shoes are tested against industry-standard guidelines that evaluate their durability, hardness, density, tear strength, grip and more.