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The Start-Rite Twins

Best of British since 1792

We’ve been doing what we do from our home in Norwich for over 225 years. We’re timeless in our design, obsessive in our attention to detail, restless in our quest for constant improvement.

Tools to Manufacture Shoes

Pioneers at heart

We believe the status quo is there to be challenged. That’s why we carried out the first ever nationwide survey of children’s feet in 1943. We brought together experts not just in shoe-making, but in medicine and education. Our findings transformed the way children’s shoes are designed and fitted.

Shoe Lasts

Innovators of child-shaped age-specific lasts

Our study demonstrated the unique and constantly changing nature of children’s feet. So our next challenge was to develop lasts based on their developing physiology. To this date we’ve created over 24,000 of them. As technology and knowledge continues to evolve, so will our lasts.

Shoe Detail

Champions of a precision approach to fit

We believe small things can make a big difference when it comes to enabling children to move with comfort and confidence. Like a few millimetres here or there. That’s why in the 1940s we took the decision to create our shoes in multi-width fittings and in half as well as whole sizes – still central to our brand today.

Barefoot Toddler

Trainers and supporters of professional shoe fitters

The next step for us was simple. Our shoes are designed around the changing physiology of children’s feet. They’re available in the most precise of fittings. But how do we ensure parents are buying the right size for their child? Our solution was to create our own diploma in shoe-fitting – arming children’s shoe fitters with the expert knowledge to ensure the perfect fit for every child.

The Royal Warrant

Trusted by the royal family

Our meticulous approach was starting to get noticed. In 1955 we received the Royal Warrant for children’s shoes. Since then we’re proud to have fitted over 1500 pairs of shoes for young royals.

Checking the Fit

Constantly seeking new ways to ensure the right fit

As the ways families shop continue to evolve, so does our approach to ensuring the perfect fit. 2018 saw the launch of our innovative 3D fit app – adding to our industry-leading range of measuring tools. So today’s parents can remain confident they’re doing the best they can for their children’s feet.

The Start-Rite Twins Still Exploring Today

Iconic twins still exploring

Our twin adventurers have been at the heart of Start-Rite for over 70 years – the ultimate visualisation of our pioneering spirit. As we evolve they have been refreshed and reenergised – ready to set off on their next generation of adventures.