Size 13 school shoes

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Size 13 school shoes

Little feet come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important that their feet are supported and protected throughout the school day.

Getting the right size and perfect fit play a key part in their comfort, as well as supporting their growth and development. To give a helping hand we offer measuring tools to use at home for measuring your kid’s feet. Plus, use our handy guide to check the fit once the school shoes arrive.

We offer an array of school shoes in size 13 for both boys and girls. Choose from sporty rip-tapes, such as Bolt and Strike, Brogue – our smart and stylish lace-up or Giggle & Spirit for pretty Mary Jane style to name a few.

Boys Size 13 School Shoes

Our premium range of boys size 13 school shoes is available in a number of styles. All are designed to offer long lasting protection and all- day comfort. In addition, they all feature breathable linings and insoles to keep feed dry and healthy, as well as having lightweight, flexible soles so they aren’t weighed down.

From sporty to formal, riptapes to laces, we have something to suit every schoolboy, whatever their style. Plenty of shoes feature that all-important scuff resistant bumper to protect the leather against the inevitable knocks and scraps.

Our size 13 boys school shoes give them the freedom to explore and move in comfort, so your child will be free to focus on the important things at school – and not sore feet.

Girls Size 13 School Shoes

Long days at school, plus the commute, mean that growing feet are always on the go. Our girls size 13 school shoes are ready for anything enabling your child to explore and learn in comfort.

Our size 13 girls school shoes are available in a wide range of styles – to please even the pickiest of girls. From pretty T-bars to chunky soled brogues to classic Penny loafers and everything in between.

With school girls being on their feet for most of the day they need shoes that are not only comfortable, but also durable and gentle on their growing feet. That’s why we spend years researching and developing our range to ensure they are fit for school. We manufacture shoes specially for children and their foot shape – not just scaling down adult shoes.

This results in girls size 13 school shoes that are not just comfy day in day out, but are also lightweight & flexible with cushioning and padding in all the right places. Breathable linings keep busy feet fresh and dry all day long.

Black Size 13 School Shoes

Long days at school require school shoes designed to keep little feet moving and exploring, that’s why we create school shoes that don’t just fit the foot but fit the child. Our black size 13 school shoes are available in a wide variety of styles to suit every taste and activity.

Stylish and iconic styles such as Brogue and Samba which feature top quality leathers, breathable linings and soft cushioning and padding just where it’s needed to ensure happy, healthy feet all day long.

Casual and limitless shoes Extreme Pri and Pump have features such as a non-slip sole, cushioned footbed and scuff protection. School kids won’t be held back with rip-tape fastening for quick and easy on/off and adjustable fit.

Don’t forget, if you can’t get to one of our stockists we have a number of tools available online to help you measure kids feet at home ensuring your child needs black size 13 school shoes.

Size 13.5 School Shoes

Having developed over 24,000 lasts during the past 228 years, we not only create size 13.5 school shoes that fit perfectly but specifically for your child’s developing foot shape. Premium materials such as quality leathers mould to the shape of your child’s foot to provide long lasting comfort.

Designed and built around the way children move today, we know precisely where cushioning is required based on life stage and activity levels. Padded ankles give extra comfort around the ankle and reduce rubbing while minimal internal seams reduce the potential for rubbing and blisters.

The lightweight and flexible soles on our size 13.5 school shoes ensure natural unrestricted movement and our insoles are designed with impact protection – perfect when they’re on their feet all day.

Not sure if your child is a size 13? Don't worry; measuring your child's feet at home to determine their size is easy with our simple to use at home measuring tools. Plus, our handy sizing and fitting guide is perfect for converting sizes.