Size 3 school shoes

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Size 3 school shoes

Our school shoes are designed to not only fit perfectly but are built specifically for your child’s developing foot shape. Little feet come in all shapes and sizes and it is important they're protected and supported throughout the long school day.

Your little one’s feet grow quickly and can change shape as well as size. They can grow anything up to two whole sizes a year until around the age of five, so it is very important to get them measured and fitted correctly.

To help you find out your child’s correct size, we have a choice of tools for measuring feet at home. Depending on the age of your child and what works best for you, easily measure your child’s foot size with a measuring gauge or a paper measure.

If your child measures a size 3 school shoe, you’re in the right place! We offer a wide variety of school shoes in size 3 for both girls and boys. Choose from sporty riptapes, smart lace-ups, comfortable slip-ons, stylish brogues, pretty pumps, patent T-bars and so much more.

Boys Size 3 School Shoes

Start Rite’s size 3 boys school shoes are available in several styles and colours. Whatever your boy's personality and favourite activities are, there is a perfect match for them. Our boys school shoes are designed to offer a combination of modern contemporary styling and long-lasting protection and comfort.

From formal brogues to tough sports-influenced shoes our whole size 3 school shoe range for boys is made from durable materials and feel-good features to suit every taste. Our school shoes are available in a variety of styles including slip-on, lace-up, closed shoe and riptape school shoes in size 3 for boys.

To ensure long-day comfort, a perfect fit is necessary. Use our large measuring gauge to measure his feet and ensure you require a boys size 3 school shoe - as we also offer half sizes. We have a variety of helpful resources to find their best possible school shoe fit including a “how to check the fit” section.

Our boys size 3 school shoes collection has both casual and formal styles, all made from premium materials. Whatever your boy gets up to in the playground, you can have peace of mind knowing they are doing so in comfort and style with their school shoes.

Girls Size 3 School Shoes

Long school days mean growing feet are moving constantly. We ensure your child is able to explore and learn with total comfort and ease in our girls' size 3 school shoes. With their feet taken care of, they’re free to focus on what’s important.

We offer girls school shoes in size 3 in a variety of different styles to please every personality type and activity, from casual brogues to sturdy kicks. Choose from sturdy lace-ups, lovely ballerina pumps, casual riptapes, embellished Mary Janes, and everything in between.

Schoolgirls are on their feet for a large part of the day and need footwear that is comfortable, durable and gentle on developing feet. That’s why our girls school shoes in size 3 have flexible, lightweight, soles, impact cushioning and anti-compression insoles. Breathable linings and insoles mean busy feet stay fresh and dry all day long.

Made from premium materials, our school shoes will see you through the school year with no problems. Perfectly fitted for all-day comfort and confidence, your child will be free to focus on having fun and learning.

To ensure all-day comfort, we offer size 3 school shoes for girls in up to four width fittings - from E for narrow feet through to H for extra wide feet.

Black size 3 School Shoes

We’ve developed our shoes over the last 225 years, creating shoes that not only fit perfectly but specifically cater to your child’s developing foot shape.

Our black school shoes in size 3 are designed to provide comfort, support and protection throughout the long school day. We know how Important developing feet are, which is why our shoes offer a range of features to protect little feet.

Choose from multiple styles of size 3 black school shoes for boys and girls.

Girls are safe and supported in classic styles such as Samba, our simple yet refined Mary Jane with a central riptape strap that can be secured and adjust when required, and Penny 2, a classic slip-on loafer made from high shine leather for a classic feel.

Boys will find support in styles such as Luke, a tough pair of shoes with scuff resistant technology and protective toe bumper that will help keep shoes protected and looking smart at all times, and Logic, a black leather classic with riptape fastening and sculpted, cushioned ankles.

Choose from these and a multitude of other black school shoes in size 3.

Black size 3.5 School Shoes

Our size 3.5 school shoes have been designed to provide a full day of comfort and protection – every day, for the entire school year. With lightweight, flexible soles, impact cushioning and anti-compression insoles, they absorb impact and give complete freedom and flexibility.

Made from durable materials (for example, supple leathers, strong nylon thread and robust buckles), our size 3.5 school shoes are rigorously tested to the very highest industry standards and guaranteed to see your child through the school year.

Choose from a wide variety of different styles for both girls and boys, covering formal, sporty, practical and stylish.

Not sure if your child is a size 10? Not a problem; measuring your child's feet at home to double check their shoe size is quick and easy with our measuring tools. Plus, our handy sizing and fitting guide is perfect for converting sizes. Plus, our handy sizing and fitting guide is perfect for converting sizes.