Size 4 school shoes

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Size 4 school shoes

At Start-Rite, we think children should be free to explore and move in comfort, without the distraction of sore or uncomfortable feet.

Our black school shoes in size 4 are designed to provide all-day comfort and withstand the demands of daily use. Choose from four different width fittings - narrow, standard, wide and extra-wide – for the perfect fit and happy feet!

Our size 4 black school shoes are available in a diverse range of styles for both boys and girls. No matter what you’re looking for, we have an option.

From high shine slip-on penny loafers, easy and simple riptape, lace-up brogues and everything in between. Even the most stylish will be impressed with our modern and comfortable shoes.

Designed with developing feet in mind, our black size 4 school shoes for kids have lightweight, flexible soles, impact cushioning and anti-compression insoles for complete comfort and support.

With black school shoes that give them the freedom to explore and move in comfort, your child will be free to focus on the important things at school.

Boys Size 4 School Shoes

Constantly on the move, boys need size 4 school shoes they can depend on. Not only do the shoes need to be up for the challenge of a busy school day, but they also need to withstand the walk home and after-school antics.

From sporty trainers, lace-ups, classic formal school shoes and more, we have something to suit everyone, whatever they get up to. Including plenty of styles with that all-important scuff protection! On many of our size 4 school shoes the scuff protection isn’t just on the toe, it’s around the whole shoe.

Not only are our boys’ size 4 school shoes hardwearing and durable, with hidden comfort features such as cushioned ankles, flexible soles and padded footbeds, they are comfy too

Girls Size 4 School Shoes

On their feet for a large part of the day, schoolgirls demand size 4 school shoes that are extremely comfortable and durable. All of our girls’ school shoes are carefully designed to offer complete freedom of movement and provide comfort in every activity.

Our size 4 girls school shoes are designed to limit the impact and be gentle on developing feet with the help of lightweight, flexible soles, impact cushioning and anti-compression insoles. Breathable linings and insoles mean that even the most energetic girl will remain fresh and dry.

We have size 4 school shoes for girls in a range of styles to suit every lifestyle, personality and activity. In our Classics range, choose a shiny T-bar with punch detailing, a simple lace-up brogue, an elegant ballet pump, or one of the many other options.

With their size 4 school shoes taken care of, they’re free to focus on what’s important.

Size 4.5 School Shoes

We've been conducting pioneering new research into how children move, engineering shoes that work seamlessly with the foot and the rest of the body as children grow. Children are our future, so we want to support their development at every stage.

That’s why our size 4.5 school shoes have been expertly designed with comfort, protection and stability in mind. They offer a range of features to protect developing feet, such as padded ankles, lightweight, flexible soles, impact cushioning and anti-compression insoles.

Choose from a number of fun yet functional shoes with subtle and stylish details that your kids will love.

All of our children’s size 4.5 school shoes are tested against industry-standard guidelines that evaluate their durability, hardness, density, tear strength, grip and more.

Not sure if your child is a size 4? Not too worry, measuring your child's feet at home to determine their size is easy with our simple to use at home measuring tools. Plus, our handy sizing and fitting guide is perfect for converting sizes.